Welcome Beautiful Soul!

I’m delighted you dropped by.

This is for the ones who often feel like trapezoids in a world full of circles.

It’s a compilation of my own journey mixed with the blood, sweat, and tears of those who share my sacred space at ARYA.

A place to be a little more honest. A little more raw.

And definitely a hell of a lot EDGIER.

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Trapezoid in a world full of circles

It’s not about rejecting the system, only others’ rejection of your authenticity.

Here we discover.

We dive deep.

No bullshit.

No placating.

No tucking your edges in any longer.

If they bump up against someone else, so be it.

We’re not interested in fitting in with all the other circles, but rather like heavenly sandpaper, if we allow our edges to rub us and those who embrace our corners fully, we become aware of the stunning works of art and beauty that pours forth from the combined culmination of our authenticity and openness to grow.

So here’s to you, my fellow trapezoid! May we come to see our EDGE as RAW INFINITE POTENTIAL.

Your companion in arms,

Tamara Powell, LMHC – Magic Maker for Misfits & Mystics

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Here’s what others have to say:

Namaste at it’s finest. You are a gift; a bright light, and you are shining! It has been my privilege to sit in the sacred space you have created. You are a healer.


You have been a beautifully amazing & comforting sounding board for my innermost being. I have grown closer to all of my loved ones, including one of the hardest people to love…myself. My universe and everyone in it forever thanks you.


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Undressing The Spirit Podcast

Undressing The Spirit is a podcast all about my two favorite topics – sexuality and spirituality. Each week, through stories and interviews, I invite you on a no holds barred journey into the psyche and beyond.

Come peek behind the veil of counseling into erotic, relational, and spiritual diversity, uncovering how to accomplish mankind’s greatest challenge – finding purpose and passion no matter your worldview or proclivity.

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