Labels are sticky and hard to remove

He excites me

and that scares me

There is no going back now

label or no label

He has written his name

forever upon my soul

In blood and cum

an indelible magic seal

That cannot be broken

‘be cool’ I tell myself

No need for vain affirmations

or trinkets of promises

But what harm could there be

in one little vow?

Behind the Scenes

Many of the women I work with have been cut off from their longing…

…Oh it’s still there, but they feel like they can’t admit it out loud, let alone express it to the object of their longing (*gasp!*).

But here’s the thing – psychologically, that fear (whatever that fear is), is an ILLUSION. You’re not fooling anyone by attempting NOT to put a label on it.

Even fuck buddies are what they are.

And I would argue, that is highly unlikely to have a fuck buddy without having some sort of affinity for them. So why not just openly admit that to yourself?

Like…hey, out of all the men or women in Pensacola, if suddenly this building were on fire or the zombie apocalypse hit, I would probably care more about YOUR safety than a perfect stranger’s. 😉 

What consistently hurts the psyche, emotional, and spiritual fields the most is living in denial or repression. 

It becomes a prison of your own making.

So do the thing already!

Have the feelings. Share them if you want. And if they’re rebuffed, don’t shit on yourself for having tried.

It’s their loss. Maybe they’re not ready or they’re just unwilling. Doesn’t matter. This is YOUR adventure. Make it count!


15726325_10154323226073666_989828693257124858_nTamara Powell, LMHC is a licensed therapist, university psychology instructor, and empowerment coach who believes life should be lived as a journey that is “anything but ordinary.

Passionate about holding sacred space for the rebels and mystics of the world – the healers, the visionaries, and the creatives, she guides them in bringing their soul driven purpose to the planet in a very practical and powerful way.

Learn more about her and her services here. 

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