Ever wish you could walk through life for a while with noise cancellation head phones on?

Not just for a half an hour or so while you do your grocery shopping, but for days…maybe even weeks?

To hear nothing but your own breath, the sound of your heart beating, and maybe even blood pumping through your veins?

Just you and Gaia.

An energetic reset that begins between your ears.

We live in a culture of noise pollution bombarding our psyches in a daily onslaught. Too much air energy as the Daoists might say. And it’s costing us dearly.

Like New Yorker’s running around without a Central Park, we have no white space in our day. No time between tasks…we go from one thought to the next to-do list item, all the while scrolling in between.

And we wonder why holistic health is now a billion-dollar industry. We pay others to remind us to breathe and stretch, to deliver healthy food to our door because we don’t have time to shop and prep and cook it ourselves.

And we wonder why mental and emotional dis-ease is at an all time high and our children are being medicated at alarming rates.

And we wonder why Gaia appears to be raging; screaming at us through hurricane tears and fiery fits to get out attention.

And we wonder why…

Or do we??


As a holistic therapist and coach who operates in the realms of sacred psychology, I am all too aware of the beautiful tension between the importance of the wellness industry and the sad commentary it displays of our culture that prides itself on achievement.

It comes as no surprise then that mood disorders and somatic illnesses appear to be at an all time high. We were never designed to live this way.

Find your Central Park today Dear One.

Reconnect with your own purpose and passion by exploring the space between stimulus and response.


15726325_10154323226073666_989828693257124858_nTamara Powell, LMHC is a licensed therapist, university psychology instructor, and empowerment coach who believes life should be lived as a journey that is “anything but ordinary.

Passionate about holding sacred space for the rebels and mystics of the world – the healers, the visionaries, and the creatives, she guides them in bringing their soul driven purpose to the planet in a very practical and powerful way.

Learn more about her and her services here. 

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