About Tamara Powell

Rebel, Visionary, & Bad Ass Soul Lover

My occupational passion first emerged in existential and transpersonal psychology focusing on integrating my loves of identity work in spirituality and relationships.

I named my private practice ARYA, Sanskrit for “not ordinary; noble, valuable, precious and pure” as it encompasses all the qualities I knew my own sacred contract with the universe was meant to fulfill and truly is the way that I view my fellow journeyers and clients.

I don’t believe in limitations or pathology, only the nearsightedness that comes from either not knowing better or creative, yet maladaptive attempts to get our needs met.

Hence the next chapter in this journey for me (and hopefully for you too) – embracing the trapezoid.

The Sacred Healer Archetype

12717386_10153534352828666_3552177239474292506_nI have never fit well into any mold. Not as a woman, counselor, or coach. And I celebrate that.

My soul mission is to hold sacred space for other purple sheep on the planet – the healers, visionaries, coaches, counselors, and creatives. That is my gift.

There are a million places to learn about mindset, business tools, leadership skills, etc., but where do high end achievers go to be vulnerable themselves?

To strip bare all the needs, demands, and projections of others and their occupations and be still with their internal narratives. To UNDRESS THE SPIRIT and reconnect with the magic that is waiting there.

I help rebels with a purpose:

  • Embrace their duality
  • Unlock and unleash their authentic power
  • Identify and embody their Divine purpose
  • Cultivate their spiritual paths and intuitive/ psychic gifts and use them in life and business
  • Overcome burnout, fatigue, imposter syndrome, and angst that comes with perfectionism
  • Achieve their income goals (6 figures, 7 figures, and beyond)

My approach is a combination of neuroscience, metaphysical exploration, empowerment coaching, and energy work.

I want you to feel like you’re on top of the world and yet as if you’ve had the best cry of your life if need be.

To Release and Transcend! No limits! No holds barred!

So you can take YOUR MISSION to the next level.

And I would love to connect with YOU.