Soul Mentorship


As a spirit keeper and soul midwife (two of my favorite things clients have ever called me besides their own personal Lagertha), I am here to guide you to awaken, rediscover, or reclaim your MAGIC.

And then take that embodied empowerment and transcend every goal you ever dreamt possible!

You know you came here for MORE. Hell, you’ve likely been accused of being too much all your life. Good!

Big personalities = BIG DESTINIES. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of other coaches, creatives, and spiritually conscious entrepreneurs; some of them already millionaires.

Each of them seeking a sacred space to level up from.

Are YOU ready to create yours?!

What do you imagine could be possible for you?

Here’s my promise to you:

  • I will never placate nor judge you. I will be as raw and open as you will. No white coat syndrome here! This is a two-way relationship always.
  • I will hold nothing back.  If you want someone who will fan the flames of that which deep down, you know you are capable of, then I am your girl.
  • You want to talk about things that seem to make others blush or shudder?  Bring it on!  I’m here to empower YOU in whatever is authentic to you.  Who cares what others think?

If any of this is starting to get that blood pumping a little harder, let’s take this relationship to the NEXT LEVEL!

One-on-one mentorship with me includes:

  • Initial 2 hour Intensive Session exploring all that is YOU; every beautiful layer of being – from what scares you to what thrills you. We’ll talk blocks and goals and everything in between. Here’s where I become your biggest fan and you remember what it’s like to be fully tuned in and turned on (or maybe you feel it for the first time, either way, it’s great stuff!).
  • Weekly 60 minute Follow-Up Sessions covering your spiritual gifts and zone of genius, leadership strategies tailored to you and your definition of success, powerful shadow and archetypal work, mindset coaching and tools to hit your goals on target, and a whole lot of rocket fuel accountability!
  • Monthly Intuitive Healing Sessions where we enter sacred ritual space either in person or online and go wherever we need to… guided meditations, activations & clearings, energy healing and more.
  • Email or Messenger Support & Validation to Keep You Motivated and Inspired


One Month: $1,444

Three Months: $4,111 (save over $200!)

Six Months: $7,999 (save over $600!)

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Payment Plans Available

Ready to Chat? Email me & let’s get started!


Tamara is my psychic ninja angel. It’s astounding how quickly she has helped me let go of my smallness and embody my most fierce self. Every time we have a call, I am so excited for the breakthrough that I KNOW is going to happen. She has helped me navigate the new level of consciousness I’ve entered into and really own my power in a way I never have before.

I’m a practical woo, so Tamara’s connection with spirit combined with her knowledge of neuroscience really appeal to me. And her sass and wisdom are like the cherry on top. I have never connected with a coach like I have with Tamara. I can be fully myself without fear of judgement, and she just gets me. I will be a life long raving fan of this woman. If you are thinking about working with her, DO IT. You won’t just experience shifts. YOU will shift.”

Jess Blanche, Leadership Coach

Working with Tamara has been such an enormous gift. She has an intuitive and nurturing gift that allows people to let down their walls and feel confident in the vulnerability required to do the type of healing she does.

Even her voice gives you the feeling of having found a safe place to land, to be seen, to be held. Integration of lost pieces that helps to rebuff all of the noise online.

Tamara’s work is beyond compare and so supportive of the inevitable growing pains that go along with radically expanding into a whole new level of business. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Dr. Ashlee Greer, Business Coach

Having a session with Tamara felt a bit like walking into a warm house after being lost in a cold forest: comforting and grounding. She has an incredibly unique way of allowing you to feel into the space, while gently pulling and guiding you into new Parts of yourself that need to be seen and heard.

Tamara has an incredible ability of speaking to both your mind and your heart for a fully immersive experience, and I have no doubt I’ll be working with her again. If you feel any draw to working with her, I would absolutely tell you to trust that gut of yours and go for it!

Alexandra Covucci, Wealth Identity Coach

In just ONE session, I now have a solid plan incorporating all 3 of my businesses which includes raising my rates and changing my hours of operation to accommodate the lifestyle I have always wanted with my family. And your pep-talk on confidence has already helped me in re-branding! I have more joy going forward, completely aligned with my vision.

Amara Williams, Minister, Reiki Master, & Pranic Energy Healer

“Working with Tamara has been hands down one of the BEST decisions I could have made for myself and my business. She has an amazing ability to hold space for someone to explore their spiritual gifts & abilities and guide them in a knowledgeable & compassionate manner.

She will help you nudge whatever magic is stirring in your soul to RISE UP. When I first came to Tamara I was unable to “connect the dots” of what I was experiencing with my own intuitive gifts, how to really use them with intention & focus, or how they would integrate into my coaching business.

She helped me not only learn to trust in my gifts, nurture and honor them with the confidence they deserve, but to bring everything into alignment with my soul mission and big vision. Her knowledge is priceless. I cannot recommend or thank this beautiful badass enough!”

Andrea Bullfinch, Grief Empowerment Coach