Iconic Integration Course


Your psyche has preferences for maximizing pleasure and minimizing discomfort.

Sometimes this works effortlessly in your favor.

And sometimes it goes awry. It prevents us from making the positive changes we crave.

Neuroscience and modern advances in therapy holds a very POWERFUL key to changing this for you, and I’m here to help show you how!

“What do you think is your greatest personal struggle in life as far as your thoughts, feelings, and actions are concerned?

Are you too angry?


Do you gamble or eat too much?

Do you strive for perfection but never feel you achieve it?

Do you constantly judge other people and believe they judge you?

Are you loved and praised by many, but deep inside feel you are not the person others believe you are?

If you experience any of these or other struggles, you are not alone. Just being human means we will have problems in the way we think, feel, and act at some points in our lives.

Internal Family Systems is not about a new idea. It’s about uncovering and using a powerful ability we already have to understand ourselves and what’s behind the curtain of how we think, act, and feel.

Once we apply this understanding to the problems in our lives, there is an instant shift in how we view ourselves and others, followed by positive changes in our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This shift begins to put an end to the negative patterns we thought would bother us for the rest of our lives.”

There’s a Part of Me” by Jon Schwartz and Bill Brennan


My Iconic Integration course is changing lives. Seriously.

And it’s available to you for less than the cost of a single session with me!

It was the BEST money and time I have spent on myself in years!

 – Heather E.

There’s nothing more powerful than a man or woman who truly understands why they feel pulled to act in certain ways, who can tap into their Higher Self at any given moment and be the boss ass leader of his/her life, business, and relationships!!

We walk around day to day with a f$% ton of pressure on us.

And for spiritual soul’preneurs that weight seems to increase exponentially at times.

As a licensed therapist and empowerment coach, many of my clients come in feeling as though there are warring factions in their head and it escapes out through their emotions. Cue Meredith Brooks’ song “B$%” 😉

As women, not only are we expected to look like perfection everyday, we’re supposed to make Pinterest worthy meals, keep Pottery Barn houses, be boss ass b$% at work, sex kittens in the bedroom, and stay soft and nurturing for all those who call upon us.

For men, the pressure to be a tender warrior who only shows feelings on command can be anxiety and depression invoking!

And I must admit, traditional psychology often fails to remedy their concerns because it inadvertently can send the message at times that our frustrations or feelings of being Bipolar-like are somehow “dysfunctional” or something to be “solved.”

But what if I DID have a solution for you?

What if it were absolutely possible to LOVE YOURSELF IN ALL YOUR MANIFESTATIONS?

Based on both Internal Family Systems Therapy and sacred psychology, there is nothing like this on the market right now.

My clients have RAVED about this method for years and now I am bringing it to you at a price less than a single session with me!

– Learn to channel the parts of yourself that are needed for each situation in life, love, and business

– Identify the parts of you that need healing and learn to offer yourself the necessary gifts for growth

– Come into contact with your Higher Self and innate intuition

– Feel amazing in your own skin and radiate the love, compassion, fierceness, and sex appeal you know you have.

How it works

For those opting in, I will email you a daily journal prompt as well as an audio or video clip discussing overall themes and stories from my own life and clients I have used this incredibly transformative method with.

You will also have access to me for follow up and questions to assist you in achieving maximum growth.

Each week we will explore a different category of parts/ personas/ sides of our personality:

Week 1  – our Managers

Week 2  – our Firefighters

Week 3  – our Exiles

Week 4  – our Higher Self


Just $44!

Purchase Iconic Integration Now!