Laser Coaching


This particular package is specifically designed for the go-getter.

The one who knows EXACTLY what he or she wants to achieve in a short amount of time.


Exploration of your giftings both in business and/or in spirituality, and laser coaching through sacred psychology (where eastern mysticism meets western neuroscience)

One month of intense VIP coaching through short, red hot bursts.

  • Initial 60-minute session diving DEEP followed by three weekly 30-minute calls, all recorded on mp3’s for you.
  • Check in’s between sessions via email or messenger to keep you fired up and on target to reach your goals.


No time for tip toeing in this particular package! You MUST know what your specific goals are and come prepared to do what it takes to get there.

I have seen absolutely incredible results from those willing to pursue their passion with purpose!

  • Businesses being launched…long term dreams now a reality!
  • Systems put in place from a place of flow and ease and joy!
  • Income goals not only reached but succeeded!
  • Increased visibility and tremendous upsurge in SEO and traffic to their websites as they embrace their authentic power in their branding!
  • New programs and offers fleshed out and fully aligning with their dream clients!
  • Spiritual gifts identified and utilized in their everyday life and business!
  • Releasing old patterns that no longer serve them and being fully supported by all the tools and resources they could ever need to keep it that way!

….and that’s just the beginning!

Imagine what might happen if you decided to go full throttle on your dreams…

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(payment plan available)

Are YOU ready to approach each new day with utter excitement…your pulse beating to the authentic rhythm of your unique soul purpose?!

Email me and let’s get started!