Podcast Episodes

Episode 38: “Cracked Open, Vol. 9 – Coming Home to Trust” with Alexandra Covucci

Episode 37: “Introducing Mindful Magic” (Minisode/ Guided Meditation)

Episode 36: “Cracked Open, Vol. 8 – Life Lessons From a Potato” with Alexandra Covucci

Episode 35: “I Did Not Know That About Myself; Stirring the S$% Pot on Trauma” with Stacey Steinmiller, LCSW-R

Episode 34: “Cracked Open, Vol. 7 – When Aligned Becomes a Leash” with Alexandra Covucci

Episode 33: “Off the Grid” with Dr. Ashlee Greer

Episode 32: “Sexual Transmutation” with Ruwan Meepagala

Episode 31: “The Legacy of Embodied Empowerment” with Nicole Burgess, LMFT

Episode 30: “The End is the Beginning: Why I Walked Away From My Family” with Allison Quadhamer”

Episode 29: “Cracked Open, Vol. 6 – Float on Your Back B$%” with Alexandra Covucci

Episode 28: “How I healed my auto-immune disorder and more” with Shawna Peters

Episode 27: “Cracked Open, Vol. 5 – Taming Your Triggers” with Alexandra Covucci

Episode 26: “Cultivating Self Love” with Kelly Espino

Episode 25: “Cracked Open, Vol. 4 – The Object of Desire – the good, the bad, the becoming” with Alexandra Covucci

Episode 24: “The Queen of Questions” with Kasia Rachfall

Episode 23: “Cracked Open, Vol. 3 – Curveball Control” with Alexandra Covucci

Episode 22: “The Portfolio Polka: Managing the Moving Parts of Your Empire”

Episode 21: “Cracked Open, Vol. 2” with Alexandra Covucci

Episode 20: “Pebble Rebel Posse” with Nikki Pebbles

Episode 19: “Cracked Open, Vol. 1” with Alexandra Covucci

Episode 18: “Barriers to Sexual Intimacy, Part 1”

Episode 17: “Sovereign Storytelling: A three-way relationship” with Marisa Goudy

Episode 16: “Choosing Acceptance” with Kathleen Ensor

Episode 15: “The Child Who Craved Truth” with Alexandra Covucci

Episode 14: “Outside These Walls” with Clay Cockrell

Episode 13: “Not an Addict!” with Heather McPherson

Episode 12: “Finding Your Flustle” with Laureen Mally

Episode 11: “Womb Wisdom” with Sama Morningstar

Episode 10: “Of Priestesses & Pleasure” with Becky Schoonover

Episode 9: “Ignite Your Truth” with Jess Blanche

Episode 8: “Importance of Badass Communities” with Samantha Parker

Episode 7: “Your BLAZING Voice” with Debbie Pace

Episode 6: “Cultural Cues in Intimacy” with Deva Logan

Episode 5: “Spirituality & Eating Disorders” with Dr. Nazanin Moali

Episode 4: “Mindful Connections: Recovery, Trauma, & Intimacy” with Robert Cox

Episode 3: “Christian Sex Therapy” with Emma Schmidt

Episode 2: “The Curious C*nt” with Erin Roca

Episode 1: “Daoist Dreaming” with Dolph Todd