Rogue & Radical Intensive


You’re done playing small.

You’ve been craving change for quite some time, but have been scared to jump…waiting for the conditions to be right…waiting for the Universe to give you a sign…

Well, consider this your mother f’ing billboard darling!!

And an hour or two with a therapist or healer just isn’t going to cut it. You want DEEP TRANSFORMATION and TRANSCENDENCE.

That’s why what I am offering is BIG. It’s so big in fact it’s absolutely RADICAL.


adjective (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.


You see it has to be RADICAL because it’s about going to the root…your AUTHENTIC expression  – in life, in love, in business, in parenting, in friendship, in spirituality…in ALL of your manifestations.

Traditional psychology or life coaching or business coaching or energy work usually only touches upon one side of you.

But what if you could HEAL and INTEGRATE all of you?

What if you could hit a big energetic reset button and reclaim this incarnation as truly YOURS?

……..We so can!


I’m offering you the potential to:

  • Finally heal from wounds from others’ projections onto you; fear of others’ opinions; guilt of what could happen if your happiness were a priority…
  • Discover your dream job. Your life purpose. Your soul’s ultimate sacred contract with the Universe.
  • Develop a systematic plan that is AUTHENTIC to YOU and YOUR TRUE CALLING.
  • Manifest your Soulmate (seriously, I’ve done it!).
  • Have better sex. The BEST sex. Sex you thought was possible only in the movies.
  • Know through and through that you are exactly where you should be and all that is meant to be yours is possible.


We will spend a half-day together in total sacred space; shutting the world out and everything with it and dive deep…stripping away all of the bullshit and core conditioned beliefs and energetic blocks to your goals.

We will explore your visions and dreams for every area of life and put together a detailed blueprint for how to achieve each and every one of them.

It’s time to go ROGUE my darling. To break away from the pack.

Hell, to lead the mother f’ing pack!

YOU were not meant to live an ordinary life. So why bother trying to fit in? To settle???


adjective or noun

  1.  something that is out of ordinary, or “against the rules.”
  2. a person that does not behave in the “usual or acceptable way”

You will walk…more likely float…away with:

 – A total reclamation of spirit!

 – Completely reconnected to your own autonomy, intuition, and sexy awesome!

 – Feeling empowered – filled up, fueled up and overflowing!

 – An energetic chakra’gasm imbuing you with the total mind, body, and spirit healing that will assist you in moving forward

 – Laser focused clarity on how to move forward in achieving your goals in life, love, and business !

 – Guidance from not only a neuroscience perspective but also modern psychology, spiritual empowerment coaching, and evidence based bio-energy field healing!

This type of work is especially well suited for emerging entrepreneurs, women in transitions, or spiritual seekers who know they need to uplevel.



  • 4 HOUR INTENSIVE either in person or via video conferencing (recorded so you can replay it as often as you want!)
    • Exploration of your current reality and where you’d like to be
    • Identification and healing of conditioned core beliefs from a psychological perspective
    • Laser coaching to create detailed blueprint of action steps towards goals
    • Teaching on reconnecting to your intuition and authentic expression of your talents and gifts
    • Energy healing and intuitive messages from Spirit and your guides



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